Hewlett Foundation Supports New Campaign to Share ‘The Power of Feedback’

Fund for Shared Insight graphic

Fund for Shared Insight is proud to help kick off a new editorial series launched by Stanford Social Innovation Review and supported by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, called “The Power of Feedback.” The series follows SSIR’s publication of “Funding Feedback,” a case study of Shared Insight since its founding in 2014.

According to SSIR, the new series aims to bridge theory and practice around feedback loops, systematically listening to and responding to the people funders and nonprofits seek to help and whose voices are often least heard. Running through February 2019, it will feature commentary, webinars, podcasts, and multimedia content with the latest research, practical insights, and tools and tactics from the field.

Among the planned contributors are Fred Blackwell, San Francisco Foundation; Pamela Norley, Fidelity Charitable; Kathy Reich, Ford Foundation and Shared Insight co-chair; Frank Daidone, Nurse-Family Partnership; Phil Buchanan, Center for Effective Philanthropy; Valerie Threlfall, Fund for Shared Insight; Zander Lurie, SurveyMonkey; and clients of nonprofits who receive services related to housing, employment, and more.

“This series represents the most comprehensive public discussion around the idea of constituent feedback for the nonprofit sector published to date,”SSIR publisher Michael Gordon Voss said in a Hewlett press release.

In a new commentary piece in SSIR, “Feedback Is Not a Fad,” Hewlett’s president, Larry Kramer, opens the series by writing: “Every once in a while … an idea emerges that offers a way to genuinely improve how we practice philanthropy. Listening to beneficiaries is one such idea.”

Shared Insight joins SSIR in inviting a conversation around feedback and the new series via social media with the hashtag #FeedbackEmpowers.