Listening. Responding. Shifting.

Fund for Shared Insight is a national funder collaborative seeking to improve philanthropy by centering the people and communities at the heart of our work.

Join a growing community building meaningful relationships and advancing equity.
Join a growing community building meaningful relationships and advancing equity.

Our work is supported by leading grantmakers committed to listening well, responding to what they hear, and shifting and sharing power with those impacted by systemic racism and other structural inequities.

Ready to start listening?

Tools to help funders listen to the people and communities most impacted by their decisions

Funder Listening Action Menu

The perfect starting point for funders ready to listen well across the many dimensions of their work, this carefully curated menu includes dozens of real-life examples of listening, responding, and shifting power to the people and communities impacted by the systems and structures we’re seeking to change.

Participatory Philanthropy Toolkit

This comprehensive resource features insights, discussion guides, templates, and other materials to help you design and implement grantmaking programs that can shift and share power with the people and communities at the heart of your work.

Funder Collaborative Toolkit

If you’re working in a collaborative with other donors aiming to meaningfully include underrepresented voices in your work, here’s a toolkit designed specifically for you.

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Are you a funder ready to sponsor grantees on their listening journeys?

Listen4Good, an independent capacity-building program launched by Fund for Shared Insight, offers expert tools, coaching, and resources for nonprofits looking to listen more effectively.

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Insights for Change

Insights for Change features news and updates from Fund for Shared Insight, along with case studies and opinion pieces highlighting how philanthropy and nonprofits advance impact and equity by centering participant experience.