An Update for Our Participatory Philanthropy Toolkit

Participatory Philanthropy Toolkit graphic
Participatory Philanthropy Toolkit graphic

Fund for Shared Insight re-introduces our online Participatory Philanthropy Toolkit, updated from last year’s initial launch to improve ease-of-use and interactivity.

Based on the first-hand experiences of the community members, nonprofit leaders, funders, and consultants involved in our one-time participatory grantmaking program, the toolkit is a content-rich resource both for funders with experience with participatory efforts and those new to the practice.

Its new format, which includes changes in navigation and how content can be downloaded, makes it easy to decide where to start: Funders can assess their organization’s readiness for participatory approaches, read more about how power shifts can happen, or dive right in to download checklists and templates that can inform and support their current plans.

As we deepen our understanding of how to better connect to and partner with the people and communities at the heart of philanthropy, we expect further updates and changes to this resource and others. Please reach out with your feedback.

Participatory Philanthropy Toolkit graphic

Learn how to design and implement participatory practices that share decision making, build trust, and shift power.

Have questions about the toolkit? Or want to learn more?

Please reach out to our program manager Katy Love who co-authored the toolkit with Winifred Olliff, both consultants with experience and expertise in participatory grantmaking.