Shared Insight Adds New Partners as it Enters its Third Year

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Barr Foundation Becomes Latest Funder, New Grantees Announced

NEW YORK – As the Fund for Shared Insight embarks on its third year, the collaborative is continuing to strengthen its commitment to improving philanthropy and increasing its investments in the field. Shared Insight today announced that it is expanding its grantmaking and network of partners, bringing the total number of funders to 36.


Based out of Boston, the Barr Foundation is the latest funder to support Shared Insight’s mission to increase openness in philanthropy.

“As we embrace openness and learning as common approaches across all areas of our work, we at the Barr Foundation are delighted to join the Fund for Shared Insight in its efforts to improve philanthropy,” said Jim Canales, president and trustee. “The opportunity to partner with peer funders to advance shared goals and those of our grantees by being more open to learning from one another, actively seeking feedback and acting on what we learn, wholly aligns with Barr’s core value of curiosity, and commitment to collaboration.”

The Barr Foundation brings the total number of funders supporting Shared Insight as a core funder, additional funder, or Listen4Good co-funder to 36.

Shared Insight welcomes additional funders to join our effort. For more information on how to get involved please contact Melinda Tuan, managing director at


Third Cohort of Listen4Good

Listen4Good is a collaborative effort among many funders, and is dedicated to building the practice of listening to the people nonprofits and foundations seek to help. The following nonprofits were selected for the third round of this initiative:

Learn more about the about the nonprofits in this cohort of Listen4Good, and the co-funders supporting Listen4Good grantees. Shared Insight plans to continue with the next phase of Listen4Good grants in early 2017. For the most up-to-date information, please visit the Listen4Good page.

Foundation Openness

Shared Insight awarded grants to the following nonprofits to increase foundation openness in service of effectiveness:

In 2016-2017, Shared Insight will provide $2.6 million in grants to these 10 organizations to promote foundation openness.  Read more about these nonprofits and the work their grants will support.

Feedback Research

Fund for Shared Insight granted REDF with $500,000 over two years to embed and integrate a perceptual feedback study into its ‘Social Innovation Fund’ evaluation of its national portfolio of 22 social enterprises. The aim of this study is to answer the following: “Are participants’ perceptions about the effectiveness of social enterprise programs predictive of subsequent job placement, retention or other secondary outcomes?”