October 2019 Update: New Projects Launched, #Feedback4Equity and ‘How We Listen’

Two new projects are launched:

  • Fund for Shared Insight introduces #Feedback4Equity, a new series that explores the relationship between feedback and equity, diversity, and inclusion, including a blog post about Shared Insight’s own journey and stories from the field told in writing and on screen
  • Candid and Charity Navigator announce How We Listen, a new way for nonprofits to share how they collect and respond to client feedback that grew from a collaborative effort with the participation of Shared Insight’s Listen4Good


Fund for Shared Insight has launched #Feedback4Equity, a series of stories and blog posts that explore the relationship between feedback and equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). It is intended to spark discussions that will challenge preconceptions and raise awareness of feedback loops as a way to value the lived experience of the people at the heart of our work and engage them as partners in making lasting, meaningful change.

See a post published by the Center for Effective Philanthropy by Shared Insight’s managing director, Melinda Tuan, that reflects on the collaborative’s own EDI journey. Take a few minutes to watch how feedback practiced through an EDI lens has changed Genesys Works, an organization that helps high school students access pathways to technology careers. And read how The Art Effect, which serves young people through art, made its programming more inclusive in response to feedback from students from diverse backgrounds.

Shared Insight will be adding new materials and links to its website, while another organization, FeedbackLabs, will be sharing its own content on feedback and EDI. Both groups will be using the hashtag #Feedback4Equity.

Candid and Charity Navigator Launch ‘How We Listen’ Feedback Self-Assessment

Fund for Shared Insight’s Listen4Good was one of many collaborators behind How We Listen, a new section on GuideStar’s nonprofit profiles that lets organizations describe their feedback practices. Starting later this fall, those feedback self-assessments will also be displayed on Charity Navigator profiles. Both sites are widely visited by donors looking for more information on nonprofits.

In introducing How We Listen, a leader at Candid — the organization created earlier this year when GuideStar and the Foundation Center joined forces — described the initiative as “a fantastic opportunity for nonprofits to expand their profiles on both platforms, share details of their feedback practices, and access resources to improve how they listen and respond to the people they seek to serve.”

FeedbackLabs was also involved in this effort, along with other collaborators including GlobalGiving, Keystone Accountability, 60 Decibels, Bridges Fund Management, Development Gateway, Outsell Inc., Jessie Ball duPont Fund, and the BBB Wise Giving Alliance.

Shared Insight encourages nonprofits — especially those participating in Listen4Good — to update their GuideStar profiles with feedback-practices information.