Fund for Shared Insight Awards Over $2.6M in Additional Support to Improve Philanthropy

Fund for Shared Insight graphic

Five projects selected to receive supplementary grants, one new project awarded research grant in 2016

NEW YORK— Fund for Shared Insight today announced it will award over $2.6M in 2016 to five existing grantees to continue their work improving philanthropy and to one new grantee for feedback research. The original round of grants was awarded to a group of 14 nonprofits in 2015 to strengthen feedback systems and increase foundation openness.

Of the original cohort, the following five grantees who each had one-year grants will receive additional multi-year funding to continue their efforts:

Innovations for Poverty Action is the newest addition and will receive a research grant to examine whether feedback data can predict which type of beneficiary receives the biggest impact from a variety of programs based in countries including Uganda, Ghana and the Philippines.

The two-year grants to Feedback Labs, GlobalGiving, Keystone Accountability and YouthTruth will go towards their respective efforts to help nonprofits collect, use, and benchmark feedback from the people they seek to help. The grant to Exponent Philanthropy will support the distribution of their newly launched “Philanthropy Lessons” video series and #MyPhilLesson campaign in partnership with The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

“We are excited about the progress these grantees have made and are pleased to support them as they take their projects to the next level,” said Melinda Tuan, Shared Insight project manager. “We look forward to learning valuable insights from them as they expand their work.”

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