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Make capacity-building grants to improve nonprofit feedback practice

One of Shared Insight’s core goals is to provide widespread access to tools and resources that increase the capacity among organizations to systematically listen to and respond to their clients. Through our signature feedback initiative, Listen4Good, we have partnered with co-funders to make grants to organizations implementing high-quality feedback loops using our uniquely designed five-step process. We are now inviting funders to sponsor grantees in two new Listen4Good programs, Listen4Good Online+ and Listen4Good Premium, and encourage them to provide additional capacity-building funds, as needed. Here’s another way to offer capacity-building support:

Put aside a pool of funds that nonprofits can access as they make changes in response to client feedback

When NEPA Funders Collaborative organized in 2019, it set the goal of raising $75,000 from its members to support five nonprofits to participate in Listen4Good’s co-funded grant program. When $90,000 was collected, the group set aside the additional money for mini-grants to help pay for changes the nonprofits might implement in response to client feedback.

NEPA Funders Collaborative

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