Listening Together:
A Discussion Guide for Funders and Nonprofits

This resource is designed to guide funders as they engage with their grantees that are participating in Listen4Good or other types of high-quality client-feedback processes.

Fund for Shared Insight believes, and our experience has shown, that by taking the time to listen to — and act on — the voice of nonprofit clients, both funders and grantees will become closer to the people and communities they ultimately seek to serve, leading to more effective programming and better client outcomes. Our signature feedback initiative Listen4Good provides nonprofits the tools, resources, and coaching needed to implement high-quality feedback loops with clients. This tool is specially designed to support funders sponsoring their grantees’ participation in Listen4Good. Funders listening and learning alongside nonprofit partners engaged in other types of client feedback efforts may also find it useful.

The guide includes:

  • Guiding principles for funder-grantee engagement around feedback
  • Advice about how to plan and approach funder-grantee meetings
  • Recommendations for mutual goal-setting
  • Worksheets for funders and nonprofits

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