Listen4Good Online Beta: Midpoint Assessment

Listen4Good Online Beta: Midpoint Assessment L

In this report, ORS impact takes its first look at Listen4Good Online Beta, a program to test Listen4Good’s new, interactive, feedback-loop building web app. In the summer of 2019, nearly 200 direct-service nonprofits and government agencies were selected to participate in a low-touch Listen4Good program where participants had full access to the web app, but extremely limited access to coaching or other ad-hoc support. This report looks at how the Online Beta participants, halfway through their 18-month engagement with the program, fared on reaching desired outcomes compared with organizations participating in Listen4Good’s co-funded grant program, a much more fully supported model.

Among the key findings:

  1. Overall, we found that Online Beta organizations are progressing more slowly than prior cohorts, though COVID-19 also likely impacted feedback work.
  2. Online Beta organizations report significantly increased ability to conduct feedback work, which is comparable to past cohorts.
  3. Online Beta organizations that progress through the feedback cycle report higher organizational impact than prior cohorts and similar results in terms of learning from and responding to feedback.
  4. Despite these promising signs of outcomes by participating organizations, this cohort reports a significantly lower Net Promoter Score (NPS) than prior cohorts.
  5. This version of a more scalable model can clearly work for some organizations, even in a challenging external context. More needs to be learned about which organizations don’t progress or who is not served well by this version of L4G.

Other Insights