Listen4Good Data Analysis

Listen4Good Data Analysis

In its first three rounds of funding, Fund for Shared Insight’s Listen4Good (L4G) initiative supported 46 nonprofits across the country in gathering feedback from the people they serve using the L4G feedback process and semi-standard survey instrument. Central to the survey is the Net Promoter System, a set of questions originally developed in the private sector to gain insights about the customer experience.

In early 2017, Shared Insight engaged Harder+Company Community Research to analyze the L4G surveys’ aggregate dataset, consisting of more than 29,000 responses; summarize the data and identify patterns and/or differences in respondent feedback; and assess the effectiveness and utility of the Net Promoter System overall and specifically in the nonprofit context.

Key findings

  • A majority of respondents provided very positive feedback to the organizations that served them.
  • Youth under age 18 and people receiving education-related services gave significantly lower ratings on survey questions than did other respondents.
  • The Listen4Good survey tool is understandable to the people participating nonprofits serve.
  • This analysis provides some evidence that the Net Promoter System works in the nonprofit context. It also reveals the need for further exploration.

We are working to better understand these trends and what they might mean not only for the specific organizations surveyed but for the sector overall.

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