Listen4Good: Six-Month Survey Results

Listen4Good Six-Month Survey Results

Our evaluation partner, ORS Impact, discusses findings related to grantee experiences implementing the Listen4Good (L4G) initiative. They also explored whether there were any resulting organizational changes based on grantee experiences engaging in the early phases of the work. ORS Impact will continue to explore grantees’ progress through a 12-month follow up survey that will take place in April 2017.

Key findings

The data from the Listen4Good six-month grantee surveys have provided positive feedback and detailed areas where growth can occur.

Positive findings related to grantee experience with Listen4Good implementation:

  • Grantees appreciated the Listen4Good survey template and the flexibility to administer surveys in ways most appropriate for their organization
  • Grantees value the Listen4Good technical assistance and supports, especially the early support offered in the survey design phase
  • Program managers are finding useful variation in the feedback data they receive from constituents
  • SurveyMonkey was found to be helpful when interpreting results
  • Grantees are using results for logistical and programmatic changes
  • Agency leaders affirm that the Listen4Good process will yield actionable data for their organization

Challenges grantees encounter with Listen4Good implementation:

  • The most common challenge in designing the survey was developing the custom questions
  • Grantees are struggling with low response rates and unique constituent needs

Resulting Organizational Change:

  • Grantees feel that participating in Listen4Good has better equipped them to collect constituent feedback
  • Agency leaders see engaging in Listen4Good as beneficial to both their internal operations and their service to constituents
  • Barriers to adopting and implementing organization-wide constituent feedback processes are capacity, resources, and low response rates

Other Insights