Listen4Good: 2018 Cohort at 6 Months

Listen4Good 2018 Cohort at 6 Months

Listen4Good, Fund for Shared Insight’s beneficiary feedback program that relies on a survey tool using the Net Promoter System (NPS), recently earned a Net Promoter Score of its own: 78.

In its new report, Shared Insight’s evaluation partner, ORS Impact, turns the tables on the program, asking grantees to rate L4G on the NPS scale of zero to 10. Seventy-eight percent of the 38 nonprofits that are six months into their L4G participation gave a rating of a nine or a 10. What’s notable, the report says: “No detractors,” meaning none of the nonprofits gave a rating below 7.

These and other findings are in the latest ORS report intended to capture insights about the progress and experiences of L4G grantees, the nonprofits across the country using the NPS-based survey tool and program to collect and respond to feedback from the people they seek to serve. The report, published in September 2018, includes survey responses from 38 (out of 46) grantees at the six-month mark of their 18-month grants.

Key Findings

  • While nonprofits in the 2018 cohort rated themselves on issues such as leadership’s commitment to feedback and the ability to implement feedback systems significantly lower than had previous cohorts at the outset of the program, the group made larger jumps to achieve statistically similar ratings six months into participating in L4G.
  • The 2018 cohort found specific components of L4G surveys more helpful than past cohorts, which may be partially related to changes in technical support in response to feedback from earlier evaluations and the natural improvement of benchmarks with additional data.
  • Organizations see a connection between feedback and equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts.
  • As L4G looks to expand its reach and impact by moving into an internet-based service provider model, it needs to consider such questions as how it can best leverage online resources and how nonprofits can plan to sustain feedback practices without L4G’s direct support.


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