A main focus of Fund for Shared Insight’s theory of change is building a feedback field to support the use of high-quality feedback among nonprofits, foundations, and the people they seek to help. In this report, Shared Insight’s evaluation partner ORS Impact examines the status of the feedback practice field, defining it, then also calling out its strengths, gaps, and opportunities.

Key Findings

  • While there is relatively strong alignment around some of the field’s definitions and concepts, such as “closing the loop” in feedback practice, and some research in the field, there is a lack of leading terminology and no clear “hub” or “vehicle” for knowledge.
  • Drafting a set of principles for standards of practice, including about why and how feedback should be collected would be an important next step.
  • Other areas ripe for growth are finding ways to more consistently consider and incorporate issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion, expanding and diversifying the pool of leaders, and drawing more attention and money to the field.

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