To develop resources and tools focused on the greater sharing of evaluations and lessons learned through an IssueLab “evaluation vertical”, GrantCraft guide, and Glasspockets thought leadership.(2016-17)
For the expansion of IssueLab through enhanced technology and increased outreach (2015-16)
Foundation Center is a primary provider of knowledge services for the social sector. Collectively, its Glasspockets, GrantCraft, and IssueLab services offer resources and data to improve practice and to encourage the open sharing of lessons learned.  With a new searchable section of IssueLab’s website dedicated to collecting and sharing evaluations as the project’s home base, Glasspockets and GrantCraft will offer related thought leadership through various forms including a guide, blog series, case studies, and dedicated sections of the respective websites. The grant will leverage past technology and audience growth efforts by also supporting a communications campaign elevating and amplifying this work.