CEO provides employment reentry services to people returning from prison in 11 sites across New York, California, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania. CEO’s model is based on a highly structured program of life-skill education, short-term paid transitional employment, full-time job placement, and post-placement services. CEO is committed to serving the most at-risk populations and places an emphasis on providing services to young adults ages 18-25 – a population who frequently has limited work experience and faces particularly strong barriers to entering the workforce. CEO has received Fund for Shared Insight grants to implement feedback loops with participants at all stages of its program model and to do associated research along with that; to implement Constituent Voice 2.0, scaling client feedback loops across the national eEnterprise; and to partner with a research consulting firm to explore the relationship between participant feedback and participant outcomes, including whether providing feedback in and of itself serves as a leading indicator for positive employment outcomes.