Evaluation FAQ

What is the purpose of the ORS Impact evaluation?

The evaluation will help us understand what aspects of our strategy are more or less effective and how we should evolve our collective effort to reach our goals.

What will the evaluation measure specifically?

The evaluation will explore:

  • How well our grantees are progressing towards their expected results
  • How well our portfolios overall are performing
  • The soundness of Shared Insight’s overall theory of change

Please refer to our evaluation design summary for more detail.

What methodologies are being used in the evaluation?

ORS Impact is using a mixed method approach to evaluate the Fund for Shared Insight. This includes:

  • Interviews with core funders, grantees, social sector representatives
  • Surveys with foundation leaders and grantees
  • Annual media analyses
  • Case studies
Will findings be available to the public?

Yes, Fund for Shared Insight is committed to openly sharing what we learn with the public. Check back to this webpage for updated information as it becomes available.

How are you monitoring and evaluating your grantee’s progress?

Fund for Shared Insight grantees will report progress on their individual “Measurement and Learning Worksheet (doc).” ORS Impact is working with each grantee to ensure they are tracking information on activities and outcomes that are appropriate and relevant to informing their own practice. We will not require grantees to submit a narrative report. Instead, ORS Impact will interview grantees on an annual basis to capture learning and progress toward their goals.

How are you monitoring and evaluating the Fund for Shared Insight’s progress?

ORS writes an annual memo about Fund for Shared Insight’s progress against the theory of change set out in the beginning. Also, similar to our grantees, Shared Insight reports progress on our own “Measurement and Learning Worksheet,” and we are working with ORS Impact to articulate appropriate and relevant activities and outcomes to inform our own practice. We look forward to sharing that document here when it is complete.

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