Listen4Good (L4G) is an initiative of Fund for Shared Insight, a funding collaborative working to improve philanthropy by promoting listening and feedback. Structured as a co-funding/grant-matching opportunity, L4G attracted 28 co-funders and supported 46 grantee organizations in its first year (2016). L4G helps grantees implement systematic, rigorous collection and use of feedback by accelerating the development of the infrastructure needed for feedback loops; encourages experimentation with the use of the Net Promoter System (NPS®); and facilitates nonprofits in sharing their lessons learned to catalyze a feedback field.

Shared Insight is working with its evaluation and learning partner, ORS Impact, to understand the experiences, lessons learned, and impacts observed by L4G grantees and co-funders. Over the past year, ORS Impact surveyed L4G grantees and interviewed co-funders. The themes and findings offer valuable insights for funders and nonprofits interested in incorporating feedback loops into their work and building nonprofits’ capacity for feedback practice.

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