L4G Information for Funders CLOSED (archive, 2017)

As of May 26, 2017, we are no longer accepting L4G 2017 nominations from funders.
We look forward to announcing up to 75 new L4G grants in the Fall 2017.


Our L4G 2017 timeline for nominating co-funders is as follows:


  • June 2017: Fund for Shared Insight will confirm your nomination of a grantee(s) via email.
  • September 2017: If your nominated grantee(s) is accepted to L4G, Shared Insight will send you a standard, robust set of grant application materials.
  • By December 31, 2017: Co-funder will provide a $15,000 grant per accepted grantee to Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA) for Fund for Shared Insight/Listen for Good.
    (Please do not write the grant to your grantee or to RPA mentioning the specific grantee, as these would not qualify as “pass-through” grants.)

Informational Webinars for Nominating Co-Funders

In the Spring 2017, we held a series of open conference calls to answer questions from potential co-funders about how to nominate a grantee(s) for Listen for Good. If you are interested in seeing/hearing what we presented to potential L4G nominating co-funders, please see below.

MISSED A FUNDER WEBINAR? Click here to watch a WebEx video recording of one of our sessions.

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