In 2016, Fund for Shared Insight made 10 grants to organizations that responded to an open RFP focused on “increasing foundation openness in service of effectiveness.” As described in the RFP, the term “openness” was intended to be defined as “a two-way collaborative process where foundations not only share out information but also listen deeply and engage with what others have to say to inform, change and improve their work.” Shared Insight supported this work with the underlying belief that “if foundations are more open – if they listen to others and also share out what they themselves have learned – they will be more effective.” As these grants come to an end, evaluation partner ORS Impact interviewed the 10 organizations that received grants to learn more about progress and lessons learned. This memo, created primarily for Fund for Shared Insight’s 13 core funders, describes the cumulative results and lessons learned from this body of work.

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